Mar 27, 2015

Interesting Information from Sue Brekke-Benson

Hi...I'm looking at your Liffengren blog

Working on my own family history which includes some of the same emigrants from Vik.  I see you are descended
from both the Telemark emigrants and the Vik emigrants who formed the original Long Prairie Settlement near the village of Capron in Boone Co. Illinois.  Are you aware of that history?  I wrote my masters thesis on the immigration from Vik,
particularly the families involved...Brekke, Hopperstad, Orvedal, Tisdel, Hove, Sjkerven.

Are you aware of the Vik emigration book Ein Stad Skal Ein Vera?  It has the names of almost every emigrant, what farm they came from, the year of emigration, where they lived and date died, if that information was available at the time of publication, including your ancestors.  Per and Agathe Anderson came to the US in 1851 aboard the Zephir, the same ship many of my own ancestors (primarily Hopperstads) arrived on.  Ein Stad Skal Ein Vera (ESSEV) has them as living on the Grov farm #40-0 where he was a tenant farmer.  Per's father is named Anders Person Grov Limmesand.  There is also a Limmesand farm at Vik.  Agathe's father was Ole Ingebriktson Hove Gildhus.  There is a Gildhus farm at Vik as well.  They had their 1 year old son, Anders, with them. They lived first near Capron, but moved to Winneshiek Co.

In 1853 Per's brothers, Gjert and Sjur, followed them to America.  Gjert married Marta Johannesdtr. Foli, and remained in Chicago.  At the time ESSEV was printed there was no information on what happened to Sjur.

Sigrid Andreasdtr. Espeseth 1842-1922  (Father: Andreas Bendikson Undi)
I can see from looking at this page that Sigrid Undi Espeseth came from Vik and married Jorgen Kaasa who was from Telemark (Seljord).

Jorgen Olson Kaasa.  He took the name George O. Kaasa    Birth 31 Oct 1833 in Siljord, Telemarken, Norway
 Death 4 Sep 1898 in Ridgeway, Winneshiek, Iowa, United States
Walter Kaasa (1874 - 1895)*
George Severin Kaasa (1886 - 1886)*
Ida Caroline Kaasa 1877-1957 + Peter Anderson
Ansoph Olson Kaasa  Birth 6 oct 1862 Capron Boone,  IL – 29 JY 1929 (Olson?? I found this on Ancestry: It doesn’t look right to me.)

Sigrid was the daughter of Andreas Bendikson Undi.  She came to the US with her widowed mother, Anna Olsdotter Hagen (her father was Ola Johanneson Hagen) in 1857.  Her brothers Endre, age 19, and Ola the elder and Ola the younger, came at the same time.  Her ESSEV # is 402.  (Ein Stad Skal Ein Vera).  Sigrid was 15 in 1857. 
Andreas Bendikson Undi was a school teacher, a very high position in society in those days.  Anna, his widow, remarried in Winneshiek Co. to Martin Ingebriktson Vikøren (Hove) #3093.  Endre married Brita Jørgensdtr. Vikøren #3130. He took the name Andrew Espeseth. 

Ole the older married Olina Torsdotter Voll #3365. They farmed in Lincoln Twp. Ole the younger married  Aslaug Jonsdatter Haugeberge (Alice Thompson). To Alliance Twp, Moody Co. SD

There seems to be a Refsdal connection to the Undi's.  No enough information in the Vik Bygdebok

I see there is more info on all your website.  I am especially interested to see the name Kari Rolandsdtr Tisdel
The Bygdebok doesn't name Kari. Do you know if she came to the US? 

I know Bob Nelson; he would be a distant cousin to me.  He lives in Brainerd, not far from us. I have another Tisdel
cousin, much more closely related who has been working on the family history for 35 years.  

Sue Brekke-Benson